Living at Central Plaza Student Housing is super convenient. The rooms are nice and the amenities are pretty great, too, but the actual location really makes student life easy here. What probably makes the location the most convenient is …. well,  that Central Plaza Student Housing is just a few minutes walk to UCO campus (check out the pic above). This is so much better than driving to campus! But college life is not just about college itself. We are all looking for things to do off-campus as well. When you are living the classic “college life”, you’re always looking for things to do that check these 3 boxes: 1. Cheap 2. Easy 3. Fun, lol! So, we put together a list of walkable locations that are either cheap, easy or fun…or all 3!

7 Great Spots Near Central Plaza Student Housing

The places we chose come from different categories and were chosen because the can all help your college life. We chose some restaurants, some shopping stores and a park. There were a lot of other spots we could have chosen. In fact if you check out our location HERE, you’ll see that there over nearly 30 shops and restaurants all under a 10 minute walk.

1. Chik-Fil-A

Chik-Fil-A is a perennial college favorite and always hits the spot. This classic chicken destination has arguably the best chicken sandwich in town (the state? the country? THE WORLD?)! It’s a cheap and easy meal that doesn’t taste cheap. You’ll find yourself there a lot, maybe too much, if you’re not careful. Click here to see a walking map from Central Plaza Student Housing to Chik-Fil-A.

Chik-fil-a map

2. Simply Falafel

Say hello to your new falafel spot! Simply Falafel is one of the best reviewed restaurants in the area. It is a counter-serve Mediterranean eatery featuring a menu of shawarma, gyros, kebabs & more. It’s only 5 minutes away, but if you can’t make that walk, then they’ll deliver to you! Check out how close Simply Falafel is to Central Plaza Student Housing 

simply falafel map

3. Zoes Kitchen

When you’ve had a bit too much Chik-fil-a and you’re in the mood for something lighter and healthier, check out Zoes Kitchen. It’s not the cheapest option, but their fresh food is worth the price and still falls under the category of “cheap-ish”. It is Mediterranean fare with great service, a convenient location and menu options you won’t find anywhere else.  Check out how close Zoes Kitchen is to Central Plaza Student Housing 

zoes kitchen map

4. Target

It’s almost impossible to live without Target. It really has everything you could want! Clothes, food, drinks, shoes, sporting goods, jewelry, TV’s and everything in between can be found in the glorious aisles of Target. If we had to pick only one place to shop for an entire year, Target would be the easy choice! Target is right around the block from Central Plaza Student Housing, Check it out.

target map

5. Daisy Exchange

Let’s face it, money is tight when you’re in school. But, you still want to stay on point with your fashion. It might seem like those two statements won’t work out very well together. Daisy Exchange to the rescue. Not only can you find great deals on gently used fashionable clothes, but they will also buy clothes from you, too. This is a WIN-WIN. When you don’t want to pay full price from the stores, Daisy Exchange is awesome. When you need a couple of extra $$$ and you have some gently used clothes, they might be able to help you make it until the next semester student aid kicks in, ha! Check out how close it is to Central Plaza Student Housing

Daisy exchange map

6. Hafer Park

Been stuck inside studying for WAY too long? Well take a quick walk over to Hafer Park to readjust yourself to the great outdoors. Going for walk outside can definitely boost your mental performance in between cram sessions.  Hafer park features three playgrounds, a volleyball court, exercise station, kids’ fishing pond, stage, and an athletic complex. It has 1.5 miles of paved, multi use trails that might make the difference between keeping your sanity during the semester  and having a nuclear meltdown because you’ve been stuck inside forever. Here’s how you get to Hafer Park from Central Plaza Student Housing

Hafer Park map

7. Bricktown Brewery

Once you’ve gotten all your work done for the week and finished up your 1.5 mile walk around Hafer Park, you might be in the mood to relax with cold beer and/or burger. Bricktown Brewery is one of the best spots in town to hit when the weekend starts. TVs are on the wall for sports and they have big tables that you and your friends can meet and make plans for the weekend. They have standard bar fare, burgers, salads, chicken sandwiched and, of course, beer! Finish your studying and start the weekend by walking to Bricktown Brewery

bricktown brewery map

Those Are Our 7 Favorite Spots within Walking Distance of Central Plaza Student Housing.

In the future we’ll make more lists for specific categories (restaurants, bars, shopping, etc), But if you use this list for the next semester, you’ll be doing alright! You’ll have food, recreation and shopping. The shops and restaurants around Central Plazas Student Housing, as well as our amenity-packed common areas and remodeled rooms make us the best choice for student housing in Edmond. If you are looking for suggestions on what to do around town or if you need to talk about a housing lease, contact us anytime!